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Legal Options

While defective drug victims are legally entitled to financial compensation for their suffering and injuries, nonetheless they should initiate legal action promptly or face a risk of surrendering that option. Every state in America has statutes of limitations pertaining to the time periods provided for pursuing personal injury lawsuits. Victims who fail to launch such legal action within this time frame set by their state could be barred from proceeding.

When an injured person consults with an attorney to represent him or her, the personal injury attorney typically reviews the facts explained to determine the case’s likelihood for success. The personal injury attorney calls this initial meeting of fact gathering between himself and the injured person the intake. The attorney considers many factors that will affect the case, including the time that has passed since when the injury first occurred, the evidence the client presents to him of the injury, the evidence he can expect to obtain in the future, the availability of any persons who witness what caused the injury, the ability of the person or company that caused the injury to adequately provide compensation, the costs he expects the case will incur, among several other factors. He may want to interview other witnesses or do further investigation before agreeing to accept the case. He may also consider whether the case would best be resolved through litigation or by some alternative method of resolving the dispute, such as through arbitration.

Once the attorney agrees to represent the injured person, he may send a demand letter to the person or company responsible for the injury, demanding compensation on his client’s behalf. However, this step is often skipped in personal injury cases in favor of immediately initiating a lawsuit by filing a complaint. Either way, every person involved in a personal injury case should realize that the following stages could, and usually do, quickly come to an end as soon as both sides reach a compromise and agree to settle the case.

If you or a loved one has suffered while using a defective drug or medical device, it’s important to learn your rights.

It goes without saying that legal matters can be complicated – even overwhelming at times – but you should not accept that reality as a deterrent to understanding the procedures, policies, and costs that will pertain to your particular case. Make certain that your attorney provides detailed explanations of all court procedures that will likely be involved, as well as legal concepts that may play out in their strategy.

Lawsuits for injuries caused by defective drugs can be complex legal matters. Make sure the attorney you trust with your case is qualified for this type of lawsuit and has experience fighting large drug companies. This could mean the difference between a quick, fair settlement and years of waiting for a case that doesn’t develop.

How Do I Document My Claim

It will speed up the process if you have the following information available before you contact us:

  1. Consult your doctor immediately if you suspect an injury. Follow the medical instructions of your doctor or a qualified medical professional.
  2. Keep a notebook detailing the injuries you or a loved one has suffered, with dates and symptoms documented.
  3. Keep track of your prescriptions for the drug or device, note the dosage you have taken (if applicable) and the time period over which you took the drug.
  4. Keep any containers of the drugs and make a note of the pharmacies where you had your prescriptions filled.
  5. If possible, document your injuries with pictures or other evidence.


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This process will be very easy. Please feel free to answer all questions honestly as your information is confidential.

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It is important that you find an experienced drug lawyer to handle your case. We make it easy for you to find the right drug lawyer. We work with attorneys throughout the US and Canada who practice in these specialized areas.

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Defective Medical Devices

Consumers complain that medical devices, while designed to help, can cause additional irreversible injuries. As with defective drugs, defects in medical devices can occur from inadequate testing and rushing the approval process to get a product on the market.

Defective Drugs

Serious injuries caused by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices are on the rise, regardless of actions (or inactions) by federal agencies and health authorities, and/or your physician and pharmacist. As recent recalls have shown, FDA approval doesn't guarantee that a drug is safe; having defective drugs and defective medical devices on the market can lead to significant health risks including serious injury, disabilities and hospitalization. In some cases, defective medical products can lead to more intensive surgeries than were originally necessary to correct the damage caused by the defect.

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